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Common Questions

Does it need power?

Our body, including our fingers, generate a small electrical charge. It's what current phone screen tech depends on to work. We've found a way to use the same technology with our screen protector and the smart buttons.

So, the Intelli+ only works when holding your iPhone.

What size iPhone does the Intelli+ fit?

Intelli+ comes in a few sizes so that it can fit the

iPhone 6 
iPhone 6+ 
iPhone 6s 
iPhone 6s + 
iPhone 7 
iPhone 7+ 
iPhone 8 
iPhone 8+

Is it hard to apply the Intelli+?

Heck No!

It's extremely easy to apply, because we've including an application tray!

Just watch our install video

Best use practices

- Oily residue from your hands and fingers may interfere with the circuits. Simply wiping the screen will allow for normal use.

- In cases where an app displays more than 2 icons in a corner, the Intelli+ buttons and the top of your sreen may show some issues. Pressing a bit harder or use in landscape mode should resolve this issue.